Obedience = Blessings


But if you stay in me and obey my commands, you may ask any request you like, and it will be granted! John 15: 7 (The Living Bible)

Life is a cluster of  many needs of a person. We have many wants and requests. Unmet needs and desires lead to frustration and unhappiness. Then there are prerequisites for everything in life, some conditions that needs to be fulfilled in order to attain our desires in life. For example, No Pain No gain, In order to reap our harvest, we need to sow, so on and so forth. 

Similarly, the Bible says, in order to flourish and prosper in life and to meet all our needs and requests, we must stay in the presence of our God and obey his commands and words. One stays in the presence of God, by constantly pondering about GOD and his goodness. In our life we are met with many challenges, but in the midst of all the chaos and the storms of our life, God says, “ Stay in me and obey my commands”. That’s the key to a stress free life.

When we abide in HIM, even the smallest efforts of ours will bear amazing fruits. But without Jesus, even the biggest achievements of our life seems empty. Christ adds the wholesomeness to our Life. Staying in him and finding our joy in HIM, makes our life, enduring, victorious, and wholesome.  

As we start our day, may we find our rest in HIM and let’s Abide in HIM.  


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