Perfection: Myth or Reality?


Matthew 5:48: Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.

Every day, we praise things that seem perfect to us. Perfect weather, for instance, is appreciated by most people.

But, what seems perfect for one is seldom perfect for the other. Rainy days can shower one with happiness, while drowning the other in sorrow.

In a world where everything is relative, do we have an Absolute?

Yes, we do! His name is Jehovah, and His perfection knows no relativity.

In our quest to mirror such perfection, we must not fall into the trap of self-righteousness. Instead, we must strive to submit to God’s plan, place ourselves in His hands and wait patiently as He uses the mould of perfection to make us flawless vessels for His divine use.

John, the disciple of Jesus, was transformed from one who asked Jesus to bring fire from heaven and raze a city, to one who was raised to write about the end days, after having the privilege of glimpsing heaven.

A walk with Jesus is certain to lead us to perfection. Though, today, perfection may seem like a pie in the sky, remember, the pie would have no sky, if our God did not put the sky in its place.

To such an omnipotent force, can perfection be a myth?



  1. Ramakrishna
    14 Sep 2018 08:19:15 Reply

    Not at all our God the Father is all perfect, by His perfection we are all perfect. He is able to transform our lives. Let all of us give thanks to Him . Thank you Abba Father for all goodness, kindness and long-suffering. In the mighty name of Jesus we pray. Amen

  2. Georges Tshibangu
    14 Sep 2018 09:30:20 Reply

    No, perfection is not a myth but a reality because a walk with Jesus Christ is really certain to lead us to perfection. He is a Good God.

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