Praise the Lord Aloud


Psalm 150:3 – “Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet; Praise Him with the lute and harp!”

Numerous studies have shown that the spoken word is powerful. The world has built businesses around the concept, with TED speakers and new age gurus touting the power of affirmations. The book of Proverbs in the Bible has many verses that showcase the effect of good words as opposed to bad. The words we speak have the power to affect the lives around us, and yes, they have the power to impact our own lives as well. And the best place to start using our words is in our worship to God.

How do you praise the Lord Jesus Christ? Do you play a worship song in the background? Do you think words of praise, or do you speak them out? It’s true that God knows your thoughts (Psalm 139:2) and your words before they reach your tongue (Psalm 139:4). But speaking words of praise out aloud reinforces your faith and helps you refocus your allegiance to the One you trust.

In numerous accounts of the Gospel we see Jesus praying and giving thanks to the Father with His words. Don’t you think there’s something to it? If Jesus Christ did it, do we not need to do it as well?

Praising God out aloud with your words, albeit in the privacy of your room, will help you:

• Keep distractions at bay
• Engage your mind and body in the act of praise
• Focus on recounting all that you’re grateful to God for
• Remember God’s goodness and bolster your faith
• Preach to yourself and quell any doubts that crop up

The next time you sit down for a time of prayer, start with praising the Lord out aloud. It will be a refreshing time in the presence of God that will grant you peace of mind and strengthen you for the day.

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  1. Ramakrishna
    13 Dec 2020 06:21:57 Reply

    Praise the Lord for Psalms 139:2 &4 thank you Heavenly God for today’s manna the spiritual food you have have given to my soul Amen

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