Praising God


Psalm 51:15:  O Lord, open my lips, and my mouth shall show forth your praise.

David had the guilt of sin in him.  He probably felt uncomfortable coming to the presence of God with the sin that he had committed and the price that he paid for it.  He wanted a strong assurance from God that he was forgiven.  Unless he had the calm assurance that he was forgiven, it was difficult to open his mouth and utter praises to God.

Many of us have been there, done that.  Isn’t it? When we find ourselves in an awkward situation, we find it so difficult to come to God’s presence, much less speak to Him.  We would want God to tell us that we are forgiven.  David wanted his lips opened so that he could praise God.  He knew the only way for his mouth to open again and praise God would be for God to pardon him so that He could boldly sing His praises.  It is important for us to come to God and confess our sins so that we can rest assured that we are accepted in His presence.  Once the feeling of acceptance and forgiveness dawns on us, praising God becomes easy and happier.

Let us come boldly to His presence and say to God what we feel and how we feel about it.  Let us repent of our wrongs and walk out of his presence with a joyful heart.  Let us use our  lips to always praise Him for His goodness towards us.


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