Pray always


Luke 22:46:  And said unto them, why sleep ye? Rise and pray, lest ye enter into temptation.

Prayer is a vital part in the life of  a believer.  Jesus told His disciples to pray in order to not fall into temptation.   He wasn’t telling them not to sleep but that prayer should be prioritized above everything.  Prayer is the weapon that will keep us from being tempted by the evil one.

We have to pray in any and all circumstances.  The Bible says that we must pray without ceasing.  Prayer brings victory and miracles along our way.  Prayer keeps the devil at bay.  When Jesus walked on the face of the earth, He prayed always to God, the Father.  He used to spend a lot of time in prayer and talking to God.  He spent the day time ministering to people.  Yes, His day was a lot busier than many of our days, yet He still had time to talk to the Father.  He was in constant communication with Him.  He lived a sinless and a blameless life though He was both man and God.  This was made possible in His life because of prayer.

If Jesus could take time of out of His busy schedule to talk and commune with God, why can’t we do it? We should make a conscious effort to set aside some time everyday to pray.  Let prayer be the guiding factor for us in our lives.  Wake up from slumber and neglect and start praying.  Let us get active for God.  May God bless us.