Prayer and thanksgiving


I Thessalonians 4:2: Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving.

The situation to any problem is the common four-letter word, PRAY.   We have to continue in prayer and watch in the same with thanksgiving.  We have to thank God in advance for answering our prayer be it a yes or a no from God because God knows what is good and suitable for us.

God’s channel of communication with us is through prayer. This is also the way through which we talk and listen from God.  It is like a two-way traffic.  We tell and God listens and God says and we listen.  Many of us just tell Him our needs and before we listen from Him, we satisfy ourselves with a big Amen to end our so-called prayers religiously.  God wants us to praise Him beforehand for our situation.  Praying and thanking releases His will and purpose for our lives.  Sometimes heaven may seem like brass over us but thanksgiving will cause God to listen to what we ask of Him and grant it to us accordingly, however, according to His plan and timing.

Don’t quit praying or giving thanks to God. God doesn’t work according to our schedule.  He works according to His schedule and timing which may not be right according to us.  He knows how to design and set our lives, and He will do it provided we are thankful to Him at all times and allow His will over our’s.  Be blessed.