Matthew 26:35: Peter said unto him, though I should die with thee, yet will I not deny thee, likewise also said all the disciples.

Peter is often quoted as a hasty disciple or as the one who did what he wanted to do and then thought about what he did. He was the first one to ask if he can walk on the water too.  He was the first one who said that Jesus is the Messiah and of course he was the first one to tell Jesus that he would die for Him.  After Jesus came back from the dead, Jesus asked him if he loved Him.  Jesus asked him to take care of His sheep.  This “jumpy” Peter was the first speaker in the New Testament church and won 3000 souls for Jesus in his very first sermon.  He denied he did not know who Jesus is on the night that Jesus was arrested, but later he became a firebrand for God.

Jesus wants us to be honest with Him even if we do things that seem so foolish. Peter was one of the three disciples who was close to Jesus.  He had a commitment to die with Jesus but the circumstances he was in made him lose it.  He was scared of his commitment to die for Jesus just like how he feared to walk on the water after some time of walking.  He had no control over his circumstances but Jesus controlled his life when he made a new commitment with Him before Jesus went up to His Father.  He was later on, after many years, martyred for Christ after being excessively involved in the kingdom work.

We might fail in our commitments with God many times, but if we are willing to start afresh by repenting and asking for His forgiveness, God will again fill us with the strength that we need to help keep our commitment with God. All that we need to do is ask for His grace.  Openly declare your failures to God and He will turn your failures into success and lead you victoriously.