Privileges of friends of God


Isaiah 61:7—”For your shame ye shall have double; and for confusion they shall rejoice in their portion: therefore in their land they shall possess the double: everlasting joy shall be unto them.” 

Here, promises are made to the Jews who returned out of captivity, and it extends to all of us who through grace are delivered out of spiritual slavery. It refers to the scenes of humiliation and sorrow which the nation had passed through on account of its sins. They would get double of what they formerly possessed; i.e, their blessings greatly increased and multiplied for their shame. They will rejoice in the augmented privileges that will be more than a compensation for all the calamities which they were called to endure. The people of God would be restored again to their own land, and to more than their former privileges and blessings there.

The same promise extends to those who have the Lord for their portion.  You have reason to say, that you have a worthy portion, and to rejoice in it. Instead of the reproach and humiliation which you have been called to experience for Christ, you will inherit a double inheritance or reward. In the fulness of heaven’s joys we shall receive more than double for all our services and sufferings.  Though you have been little accounted of among your enemies, yet now you shall be greatly in their esteem. We will have an everlasting joy of long continuance, an everlasting hereafter in the Heavenly kingdom and increase of His people, with whom we should ever rejoice together.

The privileges of the friends of God will be far greater than those who enjoyed even in the most favored times under the former dispensation.