Protector and Shield


Psalm 91:4 – “He shall cover you with His feathers, And under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler.”

In this scripture, there are four names for God: Most High, Almighty, LORD and God. Most High means that God is most important, than anyone else. Almighty means that God is most powerful. LORD means that God will never die. God means that He knows and decides what will happen. We are safe with the Most High, who is the Almighty. The LORD is our castle. A castle is a strong building where one is safe from their enemies. So we trust in God. We believe that we are safe in God. Jerusalem and its inhabitants were not willing to come to Him. Instead of dwelling in the shelter of the Most High, they opted to cry out for His crucifixion.

The birds cannot see the trap set for them. The same way, we cannot see the trap set for us by Satan. But God does not allow any thing to happen to His children. God will not allow ill health to destroy His children. A metaphor is used to represent God’s protection as a merger of His power and gentleness. The picture painted is of God as a bird who shelters its young chicks under its wings. A bird has wings to fly and feathers on these wings. It makes its young feel safe under these feathers and wings. The mother eagle spreads her dread wings over her eaglets. Only a bold hand would dare to drag the fledglings from this warm hiding place and face the wrath of the mother’s beak and claws. The same way God makes His children feel safe and protected. Wings and feathers are pictures of big and small shields.

There are two types of shields used in wars: big and small. Soldiers use shields to protect themselves. The shield is used to paint a picture of God’s protection of His children. It is a picture of God’s loyalty. Loyalty means that one does not stop being a friend to someone; one does not stop giving them help, whatever happens. God’s truth is our shield and buckler. God’s truth and faithfulness are represented as a small round buckler or a large rectangular shield. Only God’s everlasting protection and faithfulness remains reliable in this world.