Reap what you Sow


James 3:18

Now the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace. 

According to research, people typically have more than 40,000 thoughts per day. To break it down further, 35- 45 thoughts per minute. Now the question is, are these thoughts helping us grow in the right direction?

The right direction here is the fruit of righteousness. The fruit comes from people who walk in God’s wisdom and guidance.

James has described the difference between worldly and Godly wisdom in this scripture. Worldly wisdom encourages us to be selfish and greedy and put our needs before others. Godly wisdom, on the contrary, leads to kindness, love, joy, and peace.

News channels, office environments, disrupted families, and social media posts clearly state that peace is in shortage of supply. With an actively engaged and occupied lifestyle, we cannot control all our thoughts. But we can definitely seek guidance from the Holy Spirit to help us sow peace that leads to a better future and lifestyle.

Justice, kindness, compassion, and treating each other with dignity and honor are the main components of peace.
Followers of Christ choose daily to sow peace and reap the harvest of righteousness. Every day, let us take some time and analyze our thoughts and seek help from the Holy Spirit to guide us in the right direction, which honors God in all ways.

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  1. Ramakrishna
    24 Sep 2022 06:34:04 Reply

    Praise the Lord Pastoral team in Christ Jesus. Through this scripture i learn more insights about love, peace, kindness and joy. And the difference between worldly thoughts that comes from especially social and Goldy thoughts through James chapter.
    Thank you i am encouraged by this today’s devotion and blessed.
    Loving Heavenly Father, thank you wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I praise and worship in the name of Jesus i pray

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