Reach Your Goal- Finish the Race


Philippians 3:13

Brethren… one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead. 

Philippians was written by Paul, amid hardships. Even though he was a prisoner, the book of Philippians talks about humility, love, hope beyond suffering, and God’s glory.

Let us take an analogy of a runner in a marathon. When the runner starts the race, he does not carry unwanted clothing or baggage because the unnecessary weight will slow him down. He does not run constantly looking behind as he may lose focus, can be unprepared for the obstacles ahead of him and eventually lose the race. No matter how long the race takes, he does not give up and keeps striving forward because he knows his goal is to cross the finish line.

Similarly, Paul had a vision and a goal ahead of him. He points out the importance of staying focused and keeping our eyes fixed on the goal. Not to let what is behind us stop us from becoming what we aspire to be.

In our daily lives, we fix goals, a monthly sales target, losing weight, or getting the first rank in college/ school. We need to stay focused and not be distracted by anything that makes us deviate from our goal.

God calls us for even greater things and purposes. So, we need to seek Him and keep our eyes fixed on Christ Jesus in all areas of our lives. Do not let yesterday’s mistakes stop you from God’s glory and plan for your future. 

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