Satisfaction and Renewal


Psalm 103:5 – “who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagles.”

God redeems us from the ‘Pit’. The Pit was the worst part of ‘Sheol’. The Jews believed this was a place where the dead people went. David believed that when God forgives us, He redeems us from the Pit. Instead of going to a bad place when we die, we go to where God is – Heaven. This happens because of God’s mercy; God is kind to us when He should punish us. When David knew of this, he felt strong again like a young eagle feels. An eagle flies high in the sky, and feels strong and free. When God forgives us, we will feel as David felt!

We will feel like David did, like a young eagle soaring in the skies, and want to praise God when we realise what all He does for us in His mercy:
– God forgives ‘all’ our iniquities. When we understand the magnitude of our sin and the righteousness of God, we get a huge reason to praise and honour God.
– God heals all our diseases. God brings healing to us through natural and scientific ways and through miracles. While we must have sin and its effects healed in us, it is more probable to see these diseases first as of the body(physical), and subsequently of the soul(spiritual). God heals our body and soul and therefore we praise God for all our healing.
– God redeems our life from destruction. God’s powerful sense rescues us from destruction. We are spared many calamities as a child of God.
– God crowns us with lovingkindness and tender mercies. God’s greatness spares us beyond sin, disease, or trouble. It also gives us a positive sense – a crown of God’s great love and mercy.
– God satisfies our lives with good things and also gives us an appetite to enjoy them. “No man is ever filled to satisfaction but a believer, and only God himself can satisfy even him”-Spurgeon. Others maybe satiated but not satisfied. This satisfaction becomes a source of strength and energy to us, a renewing of our youth like an eagle.
– God renews our youth like the eagle’s. Not that eagles have the power of self-renewal; but that God renews us to be young as an eagle that easily soars up to the skies.