Peace, Quiet, and Secure Dwellings


Isaiah 32:18 – “My people shall dwell in a peaceful habitation, and in sure dwellings, and in quiet resting places.”

In this scripture, Isaiah and other prophets refer to the peaceful times and general security after their return from Babylon. Their homes would be safe places of harmony (calm and rest with no fear of danger or hurt) where the cities and towns would not be alarmed bv internal or external enemies, or the city not brought low in humiliation. These are the promises of God for His people.

‘Dwell’ could also mean Christian communities and churches to which we belong; where we enjoy spiritual prosperity and safety, great peace and quietness, comfort and rest, under the ministry of the Word.
The ‘peace’ promised in peaceful habitation is of two kinds: inward peace and outward peace. Inward peace results from the inner dwelling of righteousness. This includes those who obey righteousness and thus experience peace – the blessed product of it, and those who lead quiet and peaceful lives in godliness and honesty. When we obey, we find abundance of true pleasure, a great reward for obedience. The effect of righteousness is quietness and assurance to eternity. Outward peace is a great mercy by the grace and providence of God to those who have peaceable spirits to dwell in quiet and peaceful habitations. Every family must keep itself from internal conflicts and then put itself under God’s protection to dwell safely and from the fear of external evil. If we are like a city say Jerusalem – a peaceful habitation which is in a low place, even when it hails or a violent battering storm comes down on the bleak forest, Jerusalem shall be a quiet resting-place under the wind and not exposed like those places that stand high to the fury of the storm. Jerusalem will be sheltered by its surrounding mountains. We will be most safe and dwell at ease if we are humble and are willing to dwell in a low place.

Justice, righteousness, peace, quietness, and assurance is what it feels like when God pours out His Spirit among His people. Therefore, we shouldn’t be satisfied with things that claim to be of the Spirit, but not marked by the fruit of the Spirit, for instance false prophets. When we lack these things, we can come and ask the Lord to pour out His Spirit upon us. When God pours out His Spirit, we live on a principle higher than circumstances, for example: if others feel pelting hail or are brought low in humiliation, it doesn’t matter to those blessed by the Holy Spirit. Jews and Gentiles, and all the saints will dwell in peace and love one with another. We will be free from all the persecutions of the enemy, which will cease when the Holy Spirit will pour out and Christ will reign spiritually!