Seek God wholeheartedly


Jeremiah 29:13:  And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

Many so called religious and spiritual people are on the “mission” of finding out who God is or if in fact there indeed is a God.  To some, God has revealed Himself either in a direct face to face encounter during prayer, to some others, God has revealed himself in their dreams, and to so many others, He has revealed Himself through His written word.  If we seek Him, we shall definitely find Him.

The intense desire or thirst to seek God will only come from a  person who values God and is keen on building a deep relationship with Him.  Moses wanted to literally see God one day and God granted his desire, but he could just catch a glimpse of Him from behind, through the cleft of the rock.  David said in one of his psalms, “early will I seek You.”  God honors everyone who has a true desire to see Him or feel His presence during prayer/reading God’s word, or worship.  When we have a desire to seek God, we will sincerely search Him with all of our heart.  When God becomes the center of our life, we will abandon every desire of the flesh and go after Him, who is our most priced possession.

Setting our priorities right is of paramount importance for every child of God.  Our priority should be to go after God and His Kingdom so that all the other things of the earth will be added unto us.

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