Staying safe with God


Psalm 97:10:  Ye that love the Lord, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.

God hates evil.  He loves us alright but not our sins.  He loves everyone but not their sins and sinful attitude.  All those who love God should hate evil.  When we hate evil, we are telling God that we dislike what He dislikes.  The Lord will preserve or guard His people from all kinds of danger.  He will set us free from the hand of the wicked.

God loved us so much that He sent the Lord Jesus Christ to us, to die for our sins so that when we believe in Him, we shall be saved.  Now that we love God, there should not be anything in our life that obstructs our walk with Him.  We cannot be serving two masters.  We cannot say that we love God and love the world.  Our choices, our preferences, our desires, etc., have to centered around the will of God.  Never indulge in anything that displeases or dishonors God.  Abhor and detest all kinds of evil, big and small.  Hold on to doing what is good.  God will protect His children who call upon Him.  He will keep His children safe from the hand of the wicked.  God is always watching over His people.  He will be like a wall of fire around us just like how He protected the Israelites in the wilderness by a pillar of fire and a pillar of cloud.

Continue to love the Lord with all your heart so that you and your family will be blessed.  God will protect His children and set them free from all kinds of wickedness.

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