Showers of Blessing


Ephesians 4:6

There is one God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.


Elijah was on the run to save himself from the hand of Ahab and his wife Jezebel.

The land of Israel had been drought-ridden and famine-stricken for years. The curse of the Lord was upon the land, because His people had rejected Him and turned to the idols of Baal.

When it was time for God to display His might, He instructed Elijah to head bac­­­k to Israel. In a show of awesome power, God set fire to Elijah’s sacrifice, though it was drowned in water.

On the other hand, the prophets of Baal were left voiceless and bloodied from their mindless rituals. In present-day lingo, they were fried, but their sacrifice remained unburnt.

The people of Israel worshipped the God of Elijah on that mountain. It pleased God to see His children return to Him. That evening there was a mighty storm, which brought life-giving water back to Israel. (1 Kings 18:1-21)

Our God delights in worship. It holds the key to unlock the flood gates of blessing!

Sometimes it may seem like trouble is our only regular visitor. But, we know the ATP (any time password) to God’s heavenly account. When He blesses us according to His riches, no drought will be too much for His showers of blessing.


P.S. Worship, with the sole intention of seeking blessings will invite more trouble.

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