The Lord’s Army


Psalms 125:2

As the mountains surround Jerusalem,
So the Lord surrounds His people


Have you paused to think about wars in the spirit world?

The supernatural battle for earthly control is so intense, that the combination of every war fought on Earth is just a minor squabble in comparison to it.

Of course, our God is so supremely powerful that the devil shudders at His sight.

Though, God allows satan some influence on Earth, the evident fulfilment of biblical prophesies point to the impending day, when God will step down from heaven and end satan’s deception.

However, even today, God protects us from satan’s attacks, when we pray to Him.

Remember the time of Daniel, when the angel of God appeared before him to prophesy about the end days?

Satan and his troop tried their best to stop the angel from reaching Daniel. But the angel, along with Michael – the archangel, overcame satan’s forces in a battle, which lasted 21 days.

The same God who needs just two angels to defeat an army of satan’s minions, lives in us! And when Jesus’ blood covers us, it is like impenetrable mountains that guard a city against attack.

Let’s pray for the full armour of God (Ephesians 6:10-18), so that the devil has no weapon to hurt our relationship with our Creator.


His Blood is Our Arsenal

Lord, send an outpouring of Your Spirit to guide me,

And a host of Your Angels to guard me,

Let not the devil find a chink in my Holy armoury,

For he prowls around me day after day,

Like a hungry wolf around Your pen,

When Your light is around he finds no way,

So, he waits ‘til from the Son I stray,

To crawl up on me when the night is dark,

And derail the journey that You and I have embarked,

Lord, give me Your ammunition to keep him at bay,

It’s code red, Lord, this’ an SOS,

More like an SMS, to Save My Soul!


But, I take solace knowing You are in control,

The devil shouts code red when Your blood is on my soul,

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the precious blood that you shed,

Your cross is the address for my SMS!


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