Slow to anger and a calm spirit


Proverbs 16:32:  He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.

In the world that we live, a man is graded by the amount of wealth he has and the number of acquaintances he has as well as his positions and family background.  Some are considered mighty and powerful based on their socio-economic status and the kind of lifestyle they live, but the Bible considers a person who is slow to anger as mighty. The one who is able to control his spirit is stronger than someone who captures a city by force or use of arms.

Does it mean that we should never get angry?  No, it means we should be slow to anger.  We should know to keep our temper in control, do not be short-tempered people.  We should be ready to forgive one another and let go of grudge and hatred.  We have to be like God, selfless love.  If we control our tongue and our anger, we are considered better than any mighty or strong person.  Let us be kind to one another.  Secondly, there should be a determination in us to control our passions and desires.  We should be the one who is ruling them and not something else.  Our passions and desires should be kept under control and/or submitted to God.  If we do so, we are better than someone who conquers a city with the help of others and with force or arms.

Let our lives be completely monitored by God’s word as we live each day by His grace.  Let us be slow to anger and be the ruler of our own spirits.