Thank Him for His goodness


2 Samuel 7:28
And now, O Lord God, You are God, and Your words are true, and You have promised this goodness to Your servant.

When will we be thankful?
We will be thankful when:
* We are secured personally with a blessed future
* We achieve something great in our lives
* Our loved ones are blessed and secure too
* Our enemies are either at peace with us or subject to us.
* We know our generations to come will be blessed and secured
* Our legacy continues.

In 2 Samuel 7, we see David had all these reasons in his heart when he spoke 2 Samuel 7:28 as thanks for all God has done in him and through him. When the prophet Nathan gave God’s message to David, he went and sat in God’s presence and started thanking Him for His goodness. Prophet Nathan’s words reminded David that nothing in his life was an accident, it was perfectly planned and ordained by His creator whom he dearly loved. He realized he was never alone; Abandoned by people but embraced by God, attacked by people but covered and surrounded by God, Glorified by people but chastised by God. His house was watched over by God even after him.

Like David we too can reflect upon our lives, we can surely say “He is God, His words are true and His love, mercy, and goodness endure forever”. Our God has never left us alone on the mountain or valley.

Therefore, we should thank him always irrespective of the situations we face. Thank Him for His salvation, thank Him for His providence, thank Him for all victories, thank Him for His amazing grace, thank Him because our present and future He is holding and will never leave or forsake us, thank Him because our future generations are blessed and kept by Him. Thank Him always.

Blessed Day ahead


  1. Prem francis
    06 Dec 2023 11:29:46 Reply

    Request to pray for my brother he met with an accident in canada right now his legs got paralyzed after the accident. He could not walk request to pray for him .
    But he was in acritical stage he came out of ventilator, but his lets are not moving .keep him in prayer .
    name : Prem francis.
    Age : 31yrd

  2. Ruby willam Dhaser
    07 Dec 2023 06:51:28 Reply

    please pray for my husband William for his health joy peace as since a week he was complaining with stomach pain Dr has asked to do sonografi he had Gastric last night too till 2nigt after taking pain kill he slept now he is relaxing thanks for all your prayers and praises be to lord Jesus

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