The Boast that Boosts the Soul


Psalm 34:2 – “My soul shall make its boast in the Lord; the humble shall hear of it and be glad.”

It is common to hear people boast about themselves: their achievements, ideas, plans, earnings, the list goes on.

But the sweetest feeling is from a heart that gladly rejoices and boasts in the Lord, the heart and soul that points up to the heavens and shouts words and songs of praise to the Lord who mercifully looks down upon the earth to save and deliver us.

Psalm 34 is filled with a gladness that bursts from the grateful heart of David, after the Lord delivered him from the hands of a Philistine king who could probably kill him.

We too can boast in the Lord, daily remembering and praising His name for every good thing He has done for us. For delivering us from the hands of the enemy and from all our fears; for protecting us, for satisfying our soul; for forgiving us, for guiding and comforting us when we are crushed in spirit.

And we, the humble, oppressed, afflicted and poor will be filled with gladness and joy when we hear, taste, and see the goodness of our God.  Our boast in the Lord, will boost our soul and the souls with a humble heart.

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