The Ever-Faithful God


Proverbs 15:3  The eyes of the Lord are in every place, Keeping watch on the evil and the good.

The Lord keeps a watch on everything. He keeps a special watch over His people!

In the above verse, the apostle reassures us and reminds us that our good God is always in control. He watches over His people and will not let any evil befall us. He is our help in times of need and our provider in every situation.

Our God is always at work – working on us to make us better people, working on our situations to make them fruitful and on our future to bring prosperity. Through this, He ceaselessly provides for us, protecting us from every harm, delivering us from evil and giving us Greater Victories.

This is the God we serve! A faithful and marvellous God. Our ever-present help in time of need.

What a wonderful feeling it is to know that the true and the living God, the Creator of heaven and earth, the One who has authority over everything, is so mindful of His people and gives each one of us His undivided attention.  Trials and tribulations may come, but the God of the Holy Bible who never sleeps nor slumbers will always have our backs.

In times of trouble always remember that the one you serve is far greater than any crisis or trouble. Cast all your cares on Him because He truly cares for you.

He is our ever-faithful God! 

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