The Lord Preserves You


Psalm 36:6 – “Your righteousness is like the great mountains; Your judgments are a great deep; O Lord, You preserve man and beast.”

Have you taken a look outside your window recently? Given the stay at home orders issued by governments around the world and the urban lifestyle we’ve got accustomed to, stepping out to see the beauty of the trees and the chirping of birds has become a rarity. But take a short walk around your neighborhood and you’ll be amazed at the wonder God has surrounded us with.

God set every aspect of the universe in motion. The blazing blue skies that can brighten up a dull mood. Trees swaying in the wind and sheltering myriad flocks of birds. The beautiful flowers that bloom in the right season. They are all set in place by their Creator. Our God Almighty has preserved them. They don’t have to worry about the next thing on their neverending to-do lists or work to the point of burnout.

If God could provide food for the birds and clothe the flowers with such royal colors, wouldn’t He be faithful to do the same for us whom He created in His own image? When we are aware of our true identity as sons and daughters of the King of kings and the Lord of lords, we can rest assured that our Father cares for us. When we surrender our lives to Him and live in obedience to His will, He will preserve everything that concerns us. We don’t have to worry or fret. We just need to rest in our Maker and trust that He has it all under control.

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