The Love of God!


 Matthew 5:8

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God

Each one of us has been given a gift. The gift of love! The journey of our Lord on earth administered an act of love. Our love for man stands at the feet of the cross. It’s at his feet where each one of us was forgiven, embraced and invited into the making of a new heart of love. Together, with our Lord we can do and make the difference that the Lord calls us every day to do. He reaches out through us to the lowly, sick and the afflicted. All of us are afflicted in different ways. However, we all need love.

Love can only reside in a vessel that is broken. A broken heart knows the love of God. A broken heart knows and acknowledges the way, the truth and the life. It’s not easy to embark into the unknown but its here where the Lord will call out to each one of us and make us heirs of the plan and purpose he has for all. Through knowing nothing at all, on the way to Damascus; blindness took over Saul and thereafter he not only took a new identity as Paul but he reached out to millions preaching the love of God. Did he see the Lord? Was he pure in heart to do so?

There are many questions such as this that we do not have answers to. However, in his blindness he found  true love and through this revelation he was able to see God and know his plan. We cannot be pure just because we profess or do anything in our ability to be pure. It’s only the grace of our Lord and our individual walk with him that will help us to search our hearts and be one in prayer and fellowship with our God.

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