The Merciful Messiah


Psalms 107:1 ” O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.” KJV

God has shown us mercy time and time again, regardless of our shortcomings, not with the intention of taking away our responsibility from a sin or a mistake, but to give us a chance to repent for our sins and be saved. God’s mercy is for all who believe in His holy name.

Every time God shows us mercy, he couples it with His unfailing grace and blesses us with a new beginning. When we as sinners receive His mercy with an untainted and altered heart, He lovingly forgives us and blesses us beyond measure. He sets us back in order so that we get a renewed heart, mind and spirit. This is the noble nature of the Lord we serve. God displays His mercy towards us in various ways and His mercy is new every morning.

This selfless act of mercy from our wonderful father in heaven deserves our biggest appreciation and greatest gratitude.

Just imagine being punished for every sin we committed on a daily basis. Our lives would be miserable and problematic beyond comprehension. Thanks be to our Lord who is good and merciful. Let us spend a few minutes every day to be thankful to God for His immense and timely mercies that enable us to be joyful and hopeful even during times when we tend to stumble or err. Mercy is indeed God`s declaration of love for His people.

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