The three S’s


James 1:19:  Wherefore my beloved bretheren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:

Swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath.  These are the three things that James wants every child of God to do.  He says a believer should be quick to hear God’s word that is implanted in his/her heart, slow to speak putting his thoughts and words together, and slow to be wrathful.

There is only one thing that a believer can be swift at. It is to hear God’s word.  Being swift to hear means to be eager to listen and to study God’s word and to apply it in our lives. Apply God’s word for everything that concerns your life.  Be slow to speak means not to blurt out anything and everything that you feel like in the open.  Measure your thoughts and your words and behave like a good child of God in public.  Be an effective and a wise speaker.  Apply wisdom wherever necessary.  Thirdly, be slow to get angry.  Anger is as deadly as murder.  Let us be people who are led by the Spirit of God into all patience and humility.

There has to be character transformation and changes in our life.  We need to learn a lot from this book of James.  God would be pleased if we have a change from the inside out.  God wants us to be like Him, in all things.  Let us give to God our weaknesses and our frailty so that He will give us His strength to walk with all purity and integrity of heart the life that He has given us.