Do what God says


John 2:5:  His mother saith unto the servants, whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.

Jesus had been for a wedding in Cana, and they ran out of wine.  Jesus’ mother wanted Him to perform a miracle right there.  Jesus did it His way and in His time.

Jesus’ mother told the servants of the feast to do whatever Jesus says.  The wedding hosts ran out of wine.  They had no idea as to how to refill or replace it.  The servants of the feast came to Jesus thinking He would perform a superfast miracle without them having to do anything or being involved in it; they were wrong in their thinking.  Jesus told them to fill up the empty jars with water and to serve it which was turned into wine.  When we run out of peace and happiness or other material things in our life, Jesus wants us to bring to Him our emptiness.  He will restore everything we lost.  He wants us to lift up our emptiness to Him so that He can fill us with joy like never before.

Do whatever God tells you do; this is the secret in releasing God’s favour and His miracles in your life.  It may sound foolish, but do it.  God does not work based on your intelligence and wisdom.  He works it His way and in His time.  If you want a God-sized miracle in your life, obey God in all aspects.  May God bless you.