There is someone who will listen to your cry!


2 Samuel 22:7

In my distress I called upon the Lord, and cried to my God: and he did hear my voice out of his temple, and my cry did enter into his ears.

It is never easy when one is in distress. Life can be uncomfortable and difficult at times. The people who we love so dearly; turn their backs on you. Friends who we thought would always stay; walk away. We walk in the world alone. Loneliness becomes our only friend that at times we learn to love ourselves and guard ourselves so much that we end up becoming an island.

But there is someone. Someone who is called LOVE.

It is not easy to understand this. But it is also not difficult. Life is a choice of so many things. We make choices every day. This is also a choice. As young people and old alike, have we never fallen in love. How did we fall in love? Was it a choice we made, based on what……….Think about it?

Every day we go out and meet new people, visit new places, develop new habits. And now it is time that if we have not done this, we need to. Decide and make a choice to know someone. This someone is JESUS. Try and make a move, talk to him and see what happens. He is not a ghost or a spirit; he is LORD AND HE IS FULL OF LOVE.

If you are looking for real love, Jesus is the answer. Just take one step in whatever state you are in; even now as you read this just call out to him. He will come and your life will never be the same again.

You will never be the same again! That’s a promise.


  1. Gouthami
    22 Aug 2019 10:11:57 Reply

    Amen, hallelujah.praise the Lord, I need daily devotion please send me.

  2. Anusha Muniraj
    22 Aug 2019 23:09:21 Reply

    Yes this is true..
    I have experienced the love of Jesus into my life.

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