Look at Him; and Not at Me!


2 Corinthians 4:7

“But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.”

We are humans who always compare ourselves with each other. We look at each other in terms of success, status or even the lifestyle we live. We look at the glamor and outward appearance and forget the inner substance of an individual. The character of an earthen vessel that is us; is our treasure and when this treasure is used by the hands of the Lord powerful things get manifested. However, to become of the character we should be ready to change.

To imitate the character of Jesus Christ will need a price. Nothing of excellent value comes free. However, the choice lies with us if we want to keep imitating people and walking in a self –driven image that is not us, or we want to leave an impact, a footprint, a blessing behind. Often times, in our walk with the Lord we look at people’s faith or people themselves and accept Jesus. For one, do we become friends with someone because my friend is friend with him/her? No, we take the time to know the person ourselves. We try and build a relationship with him/her. Building any form of relationship takes time and needs time. During that journey, we learn to forgive the other, understand the other, be patient with the other, and persevere through all ordeals and through all ways and emotions of the other. A man who wants to impress a woman he likes, will do all of this and more. A child who wants the love and attention of his parent will do all this and more. An employee who wants to make an impression in front of his employer will do all this and more.

We need to ask ourselves is that when we have the true and living God with us – why do we look at others to understand him? And when this person fails in his journey with the Lord we think we have understood Jesus. How can anyone or any human vessel measure the love of the Lord through someone else‘s eyes?

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