Trust God for a Miracle


Psalm 37:40  And the Lord shall help them and deliver them; He shall deliver them from the wicked, And save them, Because they trust in Him.


An ardent follower of God, Mordecai refused to bow before any human. He bowed only to the God whom he trusted.

This did not sit well with the king’s advisor, Haman. Enraged by Mordecai’s principles, Haman persuaded the king to kill all the Jews in his land. The decree was passed without delay, and Haman could not wait to get his hands on Mordecai.

That night the king could not sleep. So he commanded one of his people to read from the book of the chronicles. While listening to what was being read, the king took notice of Mordecai’s hand in saving the him from his conspirators.

Immediately the king called Haman and asked him what should be done for someone whom he delighted to honour. Haman thought that the king wanted to honour him. So, he told the king to clothe the man in royal robes and parade him around the city on the king’s horse, while people proclaimed his praises.

To his utter dismay, the king said, “Hurry, take the robe and the horse, as you have suggested, and do so for Mordecai the Jew who sits within the king’s gate! Leave nothing undone of all that you have spoken.” – Esther 6:10

To add to Haman’s misery, he had to shout, “Thus shall be done to the man whom the king delights to honour”, over and over again, until his voice was hoarse.

Of course, we all know the rest of the story. Haman was hung on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai. – Esther 7

The Lord will not let those who trust Him be put to shame! He will turn the tables even when it seems impossible.

Our situation may be bad. We may feel like there is no escape from impending harm. But, the God who not only saved Mordecai from death, but organized a parade in his honour, is the same God who can deliver us from our problems and change our destiny.

Trust Him for your miracle! He wont fail you!

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