You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. Isaiah 26:3


Our world is at war, it may not be a full blown world war but the world is definitely at war. Maybe not an armed conflict at every other street but at many homes, within many individuals and communities, we are all broken at different levels, deprived of many things, hurt for various reasons, enraged by so many things. They all come with living amidst a fallen humanity where, peace has become more like a commodity that people think they can buy at a store.

With all this darkness we come to realize that our personal lives is without peace, a void that thirsts and yearns for a breakthrough. We always associate darkness with light and this is the very foundation of our faith that has been there from the very beginning of the universe and continuing to this day through the light of Christ. And now somewhere on our journey with Christ, we all allow and focus more on the “What if’s and But’s” than to understand how peace is our inheritance and that real peace comes from Jesus. On the other hand, what if we didn’t have Jesus? What if there was no peacemaker? How would things be if we could never reconcile with our heavenly father? Perhaps, that would be unimaginable! Praise God for His love endures forever and we will never have bear the burden of this fallen world.

So be cautious and recognize what is real and ordained to you from what is false and what looks like we were ordained for, as it is the enemy’s agenda to fill us with lies, falsehood, problems, confusion and chaos. Let all that is bothering us crumble at the weight of His truth, let us soak our minds in Christ and when we only see a part, let us prophesy His promise, because He finishes what He starts, let us learn to trust Him in the process. For the Lord will fight for us, we only need to keep still and watch the giants we battle fall at His name.



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