We are God-fashioned


Psalm 119:73:  Thy hands have made me and fashioned me; give me understanding, that I may learn thy commandments.

The psalmist here acknowledges to God that He is the one who fashioned him.  God is the one who made him as a perfect masterpiece because it were the hands of God that skilfully and wonderfully fashioned him.  He is now asking God that He give him understanding so that he will be able to learn his commandments.

God made us unique and as a single piece of clay fashioned on His wheels.  He loves us the way we are, i.e, our appearance.  God fashioned us as best as He could.  He created in us soul and spirit so that we would always respond to His Spirit.  Sometimes we wander off from following His direction for our lives.  Sometimes we feel we know a little too much and that we don’t have to always obey Him.  Sometimes ignorance and sometimes pride take a joyful stride in our lives, thus keeping God away from us, away from our regular lives.  That is why it is important that we pray to God asking Him to give us understanding, to help us stay focussed to learn His word and to know what are His commandments.

Never waver or walk away from the path that God has destined for you.  It is God’s hands that have fashioned or made us.  Don’t you think it is wise and reasonable that we follow His ways for our lives and commit ourselves fully in God’s hands by obeying His word for the rest of our lives?



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