The deliverer


II Peter 2:9:  The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished.

God knows how to deliver His people from sin and temptations.  He also knows how to keep the unjust ones for the day of judgment to be punished.  God already has plans to deliver His children or His people from temptations.  He expects them to seek His help and to cry out to Him.  He is just a cry away for help.

There is no temptation that is big enough for God to deliver us from.  God gives us the strength to overcome every temptation that we come across in our lives on an everyday basis.  With our own strength, it is difficult to overcome temptations.  We will not get the much needed strength unless we speak to God and rely on Him to help us win.  The first thing that a godly person is supposed to do when he or she is about to fall into temptation is talk to Jesus about it because He knows already as to how to deliver and rescue us from temptations that could lead to wilful sinning.

We should be thankful to God because he has not reserved the godly for the day of judgment to be punished but to have a victorious life over sin and temptation. Sin and temptation can beset anybody in this world, but how we deal with it and how much we depend on God for our strength is the main thing that should be considered here.  Continue trusting in God for a life of victory and blessing.