What is your priority?


John 8:1-2:  Jesus went unto the mount of Olives.  And early in the morning he came again into the temple and all the people came unto him and he sat down and taught them.

The mount of Olives was where Jesus went to pray.  He used to spend long hours of prayer, talking with God the Father and come down in the morning and minister to people.

Jesus was a tireless minister.  He prioritized prayer or talking to the Father as the number 1 item in His list, followed by ministry and being there for the people whom He cared for.  People gathered in large numbers to hear from Him and to be blessed physically as well as spiritually.  They marvelled at His love for them because He was not like any other rabbi of their times.  This Rabbi was way too different from any Pharisee or Sadducee.  Jesus mingled with the commoners and demonstrated God’s love for them.  Do we judge people and condemn them or do people feel that we are real believers of Christ?  How have we portrayed ourselves to the world?  Let Christ be seen more in us, in our everyday walk everywhere.

Take time to pray and speak to God every day.  Prayer should be the backbone of our life.  It brings clarity on what we are supposed to be doing throughout the day.  Don’t shun off people from your life, instead show God’s love to them by your deeds and actions.  Ask God to make you a channel of blessing for those around you.