When you call, He answers


Psalm 138:3 – “On the day I called, you answered me; my strength of soul you increased.”

Let’s say you wake up in the morning knowing you have a rough day ahead. You take time to pray… you plead with God for things to go smoothly that day. But as the day progresses you find things going from bad to worse! You are annoyed at yourself, and angry with God for not answering your prayer. You go to bed disappointed with God; not sure if you want to pray again the next morning. Does that sound familiar?

Can you read the verse above again? David says that God answered him on the very day he called. Can you imagine that? As soon as David prayed, God answered! But how did God answer? By giving David strength! When you pray to God with a pure heart, and the right motives, He answers you at once. He empowers you with His grace, and girds you with His strength to face whatever is troubling you that day.

The next time you call on Jesus, remember that He answers you right away. His answer might be a “Yes”, a “No”, or even a “Not yet”… but He always arms you with His strength to go forth. Even if you feel your prayers remain unanswered, hold on to the faith that until you are aware of the answers, God’s grace and His strength will carry you through.