Wise Words


Luke 21:15 – “For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.”

Knowing what to say and when to say it can be quite a challenge in our daily lives. Too often we speak when we should have remained silent, and don’t say a word when we’re supposed to have spoken up. Many of us tend to explode in anger and say things we don’t mean, or keep our words bottled up inside and spoil our own peace.

Jesus’s words to the disciples in the 1st century still hold hope for us 20 centuries later. Jesus warned His followers of the persecutions they would have to endure, and how they might be brought before kings and governors. Yet, they wouldn’t have to worry about what they would speak because the Lord would give them wisdom and put His words in their mouths.

God is able and willing to do the same for you. When you seek Him in your situation, He will give you wisdom and teach you what to say, when you have to say it. None of your adversaries will be able to resist your knowledge or contradict your words. Allow the Lord to speak words of life, hope and faith through your mouth, that others may be blessed when they hear you.


  1. Pastor Wilson Oduori Abangi
    28 Jun 2018 11:41:43 Reply

    Quite touchy, it’s good to know that we need a month and wisdom that can’t be condemned by the enemy of the gospel of Christ Jesus our Lord. What a previlage that we have in Jesus Christ!

  2. Sarita Samson
    28 Jun 2018 19:24:59 Reply

    God always speak through his words n it’s powerful. This is so very true.
    I had my own moments, where I have spoken not the appropriate way n sometimes fantastically, what is amazing is when you seek his presence, he makes you realise all these mistakes to correct you.
    Then I go to the people n apologies if I HV spoken wrong. They will be amazed because as a manager and I don’t need to say sorry. But they feel very good when I do that, Because everyone likes good behaviour and we have a good teacher our holy spirit who teaches us good things.

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