Your Yoke for His Rest


Matthew 11:28

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

What do you do when you’ve been trying your best, yet don’t seem like you’re getting anywhere. When the loads you’ve been carrying have been getting just too tiring and unbearable and you want to give up because you can’t carry on anymore. The weight of responsibilities, expectations, commitments, relationships, finances, sickness, of what will happen tomorrow…

Christ Jesus doesn’t have any formula or mantra but He has what NOTHING else can provide-REST. That rest which is enveloped in peace that passes all understanding. Come to Him, along with all your worries, tensions, complaints, depression, stress, etc. Cast your burdens upon Him, He says…asking you to let yourself loose in His presence. He knows how you’ve been struggling with it all and invites you to unburden yourself by throwing it all at His feet. Lean not on your own understanding of when and what and how…now that you’ve surrendered it all to Him, trust in the surety of His promise. Teach your soul to find rest in Him, to be still and know that He is Lord. Learn to abide in Him, even when the cares of life come calling, beckoning you to once again get drowned in the rut of it all, remember that He has carried your yoke…on the Cross of Calvary.

Next time you find yourself hopeless, turn to Him who took it all for you on the Cross and is still waiting to take it all from you. All He desires is that you receive His rest, hope and peace.

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