Your ‘Promise-Maker’ is your ‘Promise-Keeper’


Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

What is faith? How do we know if we have faith and how do we know what is great faith? If faith is the assurance or certainty of things we do not see, does faith need proof?

Through faith we believe that the universe was formed by the Word of the Lord, everything that we see around us was created from that which is not visible to us. How do we know when we weren’t even there when this happened? Just as we know when we aren’t even there in the future when the promises of the Lord are going to come to pass in our lives-through faith!

In 2015 there was a viral debate about a dress which some saw as black and blue while others saw as white and gold. The fact was that nothing about the dress changed, just the way people saw it. Facts are facts, however, faith doesn’t look at facts but the truth of the Lord’s Word. How are you looking at life today? We’re praying that your vision be sharpened though eyes of faith-faith that can move the biggest mountains.

You might say that you’ve been through so much strife that it has squeezed every bit of faith out of you. But while the promise of the Lord came to Abraham and Sarah, she received strength to conceive the promise of the Lord from the promise-maker, when she found it difficult to believe-for she looked at the promise-keeper and not her own self. The world will ‘see’ your faith when you start behaving like you’ve already inherited all that your Lord has promised you. This 2020, may the Spirit of the Lord help you fix your eyes on that which is unseen, that you would walk by faith and not by sight being fully confident that your Promise-Maker is your Promise-Keeper!


  1. Devadass
    02 Jan 2020 11:01:37 Reply

    It’s true that we have not seen how this world came into existence & same way we do not know what is in future when the promises of God is getting fulfilled.
    Only by faith we need to walk

  2. Ramakrishna
    02 Jan 2020 11:09:29 Reply

    Yes, that’s truth, JESUS promised me that He has chosen from my mother’s womb. He is my promise keeper. He is also assures me He was my promise maker. He will be with me forevermore. Yea He was, is to come to guides me and makes to move on. I trust in Him,i cling on to Him for all my spiritual and physical needs. Though I was foe to Him, but He’s my friend now and forever. Thank you ABBA Father. I love you, Because you loved me , strengthened me leads me into your righteous path Lord Jesus. Thank you. In the mighty matchless name of Jesus i pray Amen.

  3. Praveen Kumar Dass
    02 Jan 2020 14:52:49 Reply

    Yes Jesus has testified in my life and He will testify further in my life and my beloved peoples lives for his Glory in Jesus Name Amen

  4. Praveen Kumar Dass
    02 Jan 2020 14:59:28 Reply

    I Believe and received this year of 2020 is manifestation of faith in Jesus Name. He has prepared me all throughout these past years to present the act of faith for his Glory relieved in peoples lives. Amen

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