Our righteous Lord!


Psalm 11:7

For the righteous Lord loveth righteousness; his countenance doth behold the upright

The word “righteousness” means the quality of being morally right or justifiable. Righteousness cannot be achieved by works. It’s the grace of God alone that helps man attain and grow in faith and live a life of righteousness. Many a times we fail to understand. Many a times we fail to comprehend the meaning of being right with God. We dwell more on the act rather than on our inner motives. The Lord looks into our heart and every time we move into a place of his grace we are confronted with act of love or hate, act of jealousy or forgiveness, act of truth or falsehood. We are moved by our emotions and feelings rather than the love of his outpouring grace for our lives. His love alone is an act of righteousness and the point that he forgave us more than anything else makes us heirs to the throne of his grace which cannot be confounded by sheer understanding but by moving into his all encompassing presence.

The Presence that will allow the hands of the potter to mold the image of the clay. Until we allow that we do not die to our old selves. The overflowing love of his spirit dwells in the inner most beings of our body. It searches every thought. It negates every wrong doing. It admonishes every action and cleanses us from the inside out.

This journey and the growth we accept in the hands of the potter will help each one of us to walk aright in the eyes of the Lord. It’s ongoing, it’s never ceasing it’s the ultimate truth, the way and the life that each one of us need to be a part of. Only then the Lord’s countenance will not only shine bright in our own lives but it will also alight in the towns and cities that we live in.

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