Are you in the chosen list?


Matthew 22:14:  For many are called, but few are chosen.

Many choose to run a race, but only three people win it.  The person who wins the first place gets a gold medal.  He or she is the happiest athlete going around with their heads held high.  They are respected and adored everywhere they go.  We also are called to run a race but alas! only a few make it.

We are called by God with a purpose but ultimately only few are chosen.  In the process of our walk with God, we are held up with so many other things that we fail to correct ourselves wherever necessary.  We tend to oversee our flaws and weakness, thus presenting ourselves as not worthy of the calling that God has bestowed upon us.  Paul writes in his epistles to walk worthy of the calling that is upon us.   Hebrews 11 mentions a list of heroes who endured suffering for God and became what God wanted them to be.  They were called with a purpose and were found to be victorious in their mission.  Not one of them gave up half way through, so they were chosen to feature in Hebrews.  In trials and tests, just understand one thing.  God is with you no matter what.  He will allow you to win your battle in the face of severe criticism and sharp remarks from people who are against you and God.

So, hold on.  Stand firm.  Don’t just get called and walk away half way through.  Instead, put up a brave face and march on with God’s help.  Be in the list which says you are chosen too.  Can we do it?

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