God of mercy and compassion


Lamentations 3:22:  It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.

God is full of mercy and grace.  He is also a God of compassion.  We don’t get punished the way we deserve to be.  Because God is merciful and kind, we escape the punishment that is due us.

Can we take God’s mercy for granted just because He doesn’t bring judgment on us immediately or punish us severely?  Never.  Do not take God’s mercy or favour for granted.  Do not unnecessarily kindle His wrath upon yourselves.  His mercies last for thousands of generations, but that doesn’t give us any license to do whatever we wish to do with our lives.  Always keep a tab on yourselves.  When was the last time that God said He was pleased with you?  When was the last time that you said you love God with all your heart?  Can we walk before Him blameless and with the integrity of our heart?  Can we walk in all holiness before Him?  The more we try to please God, the more we fall into various kinds of temptations and trials.  Don’t we?  There are challenging and trying situations in our life that we go through almost everyday in our life and we often fall prey to them.  Yet, in all these, God is so faithful.  He forgives us and lets us start a new life altogether with a new commitment and dedication.

Do not test God.  Accept His love in your life.  He is willing to forgive us and accept us just as we are.  It is better to lead a life that He pleases rather than having our own way or underrate His compassion and forgiveness.  God’s mercy and compassion fail not, yet He wants us to lead a renewed life and a life that is so full of goodness and trust in Him.

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