A God of love


The LORD preserves all who love him: but all the wicked He will destroy.
Psalms 145:20 KJV

Sounds contradicting isn’t it? A God full of Love will preserve those who love Him and destroy the wicked. The doctrine of the wrath as we know has fallen too hard on us. In today’s world, any concept of God’s wrath upsets our modern sentiments, our lifestyle and modern culture as it is too disconcerting and intolerant.

We live in the generation where we take on the role of a judge and put God’s character on trial. We have so many questions, how can hell be just? How can God allow the Isralites to destroy the Canaanites? And so much more, so what does God really intended? Let us understand that God is perfect in all His ways, again if God is perfect how could He have a negative emotion like anger? So many of us view God as the moral monster in the old testament but how many of us understand that the heartbeat of our gospel is the Love of God for His children, for it was this love that moved Him to sacrifice the darling of heaven for our sins. God’s wrath is satisfied in Christ, in saving us from His own wrath, God has done what we could not do, and He has done what we didn’t deserve.

Therefore God’s wrath is just as God’s wrath is His love in action against sin. For it is in sin we will depart from the presence of God. Thus God must act justly and judge sin, otherwise God would not be God as we know Him now. Dear brothers and sisters, God’s wrath is to be feared, let us learn to Love this character of God and rest assured are His promises He keeps until eternity.

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