A Visible Change


Psalm 37:27

Turn from evil and do good; then you will dwell in the land forever. 

Nathan was meeting his college friends at the reunion after nearly 10 years. It was unbelievable how much they had all changed in such a short time, yet there was so much that was still the same. One thing that everyone couldn’t believe though was the fact that Nathan didn’t swear anymore…he was the one who couldn’t say one sentence straight without some unnecessary nasty and foul words. It seemed like a 180 degree change…his speech was so much more respectful and soothing.

This is precisely what we are called to do. Separate ourselves and walk away from all things that are evil. We literally need to abandon evil…abandon, meaning, giving up completely with the intent of never again claiming any interest in it. The Lord encourages us to do this since the repercussions of evil deeds are the snares of death. If we don’t fully forsake these habits or actions, we will be slowly tempted and lured towards reverting to doing it again.

The best way to do this is to replace evil with good. Just like Nathan, we don’t just stop corrupt language but also grace your speech with that which is edifying. Reign in your thoughts by filling them with things that are heavenly and not the distractions of the natural realm. Live as though you are dead to every form of sexual sin and impurity. Live in belief that your body is dead to diseases and eliminate from your life fits of rage, hatred, filthy speech and lying. Declare into your life that you are continually being renewed in the likeness of the Most High and you can do ALL THINGS through Christ who is your strength and your shield!

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  1. Madam
    08 Nov 2019 08:47:00 Reply

    It’s a very useful message, Let God help me to be good always

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