Always Alert


Psalm 121:3 – “He will not allow your foot to be moved; He who keeps you will not slumber.”

It’s a common sight to see watchmen dozing at their posts in the dead of night. While security guards are hired for the specific purpose of protecting the premises at night, they are human. They often fall into a light slumber, perhaps thinking they will wake up the second they hear something. We may pity the night guards at their posts, but we will stop trusting them if something bad happened while they were sleeping.

Unlike tired, worn out security guards, our God doesn’t have to close His eyes for even a fraction of a second. God watches over you while you have a restless night, tossing and turning with worry about something you possibly have no control over. We may secure our doors at night to keep our families safe, but it is the Lord who truly guards us – day and night.

When the Lord establishes our steps, He will not let our feet be moved to a place He did not ordain. He knows the path each of us is to take. He goes before you. He hems you in behind and before. He watches over you, guiding your every step as long as you let Him. Don’t let worry and fear steal your joy. Entrust your cares to the Lord, allow Him to direct you and rest in the truth that He’s always alert; He’s got His eyes on you.

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