Brought Near by the Blood of Christ


Ephesians 2:13 – “Now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ.”

Have you ever lost your way in an unfamiliar place? GPS is just taking you around in circles and you really don’t know where you are… it’s not a comfortable situation to be in. A life without Jesus is pretty much the same. We lose our way in this world – unsure of who we are, and what we’re living for.

Thank God for His grace that didn’t leave us without help. Though we were far away from God, He found a way to bring us closer to Him. The blood of Jesus Christ disintegrated every barrier of sin that caused a chasm between God and mankind. We who were once lost, lonely and far away from the Lord have been brought near by the precious blood of Jesus.

Many of us are still praying for our loved ones to draw near to Christ; let’s not lose hope. Keep praying, keep interceding for that friend, family member or colleague who’s far away from God. God’s grace that saved wretches like us can save them too. Continue to speak hope and truth into their lives. Be a living example of the transformation God can bring into a life that’s dedicated to Him. Then, let God work. After all, He does love them much more than you ever could.

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