Being happy is your choice


Philippians 4:4:  Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, rejoice.

Paul writes this verse while he was imprisoned.  He was bound in chains when he wrote to the “free people” at the church in Philippi.  Paul chose to be happy and content in everything.  He never grumbled when he was persecuted. No situation of any kind could ever change his decision to rejoice in the Lord.

Our circumstances should not determine our choice of being happy in the Lord.  How do we get to rejoice always? Is it always possible to put a smile across our face?  Though it is not always possible, we can develop this attitude of rejoicing no matter what if we cultivate a clean habit of reading God’s word and speaking to Him everyday.  His word will boost our spirit.  It will kick start the spiritual strength that we require and energize all our faculties.  Paul emphasized on the word “again.”  He had to be very specific as to what was required of them always.  We should make this habit of rejoicing in the Lord even if it seems impossible.

Read and confess over yourself everyday the promises written in God’s word.  Confessing God’s promises over us in any given situation gives us the confidence to trust God and be joyful in the Lord.  When we rejoice in the Lord even in our worst case scenario, the enemy gets mad and God gets the glory thereby delivering and promoting us to higher statuses.  Let’s rejoice in pain and gain, let’s rejoice in the ups and downs with God on our side.


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