Getting your desires right


Colossians 3:2:  Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

Everybody has affections and desires because they are a part of us.  What we give in to as a child of God is the most important thing that we should be mindful of.  Setting our liking and affection on heavenly things or things of God helps us to realize who we really are in Christ.

While setting our affection on things above, we should not ignore the things that we need to live on earth.  The writer, Paul conveys to us that because we are God’s children, we should not forget the truth that we do not belong to the earth permanently.  Our citizenship is in heaven.  Therefore, we are expected to set our mind on things of God like love, faith, righteousness, being kind to one another, being non-judgmental, respecting one another, etc.  The Greek word used for “set” here is “to seek after, strive, be intent on.”  This is the lifestyle that Paul was trying to bring out in this verse.  We should seek after God everyday in order to know His will for us.

So, let us strive to set our mind deliberately on godly things.  Let us continually search Him in our quiet time and know what He wants us to do.  Be always aware of the fact that when you are determined to think about heavenly things, He will be determined to set you on a higher platform in life


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