Being made whole


Mark 6:56:  And whithersoever he entered,  into villages, or cities or country they laid the sick in the streets, and besought him that they might touch if it were but the border of his garment; and as many as touched him were made whole.

As many as touched Jesus were made whole.  Being whole means restored to normalcy, being whole in spirit, soul, and body.  Whereever Jesus went, people went.  They wanted to see what He would be doing that particular day. They were so used to seeing Him perform miracles that they brought the sick ones to be healed of their disease.  As many people that touched the border of His garment were made whole; their bodies were restored to normalcy.

Whenever we have a close encounter with Jesus, our lives are changed for good, is it not?  We are transformed in our mind, soul, and body.  Our spirit too has a lively connection with the Spirit of God.  We are changed from inside out. We are made whole, complete, full of health spiritually as well as bodily.   There was virtue that flowed out of Jesus and when people came in contact with this, they were transformed both physically and spiritually.  This is what happened to the lady with the issue of blood for 12 years.  She was healed instantly.

To have an experience with God, we should come to Him by faith.  Ask what you want from Him in faith.  If you want to be made whole, believe that you will be made whole and not just well to carry on in your life.  He will restore your condition to the former, previous healthy one.  This is what is called as the virtue of God flowing out of Him, into you.