Blessed Domino Effect


Proverbs 3:10

So your barns will be filled with plenty,
And your vats will overflow with new wine.


The Lord’s blessing is not dependent on any earthly circumstance. It depends solely on our relationship with Him.

When we understand the heart of God and learn to talk to Him like ‘Our Father’, we will be blessed abundantly because He considers His children as royalty!

Centuries ago, when Abraham and Lot decided to part ways, Lot chose the most fertile part of the land. It was well watered and lush green – the perfect ingredients to stir up wealth. Abraham’s share of the land was devoid of such luxuries, but His life was not devoid of God!

Our God can spring rivers in the desert. He proved it in the life of Abraham, with wealthy that was impossible to contain. The secret to his success was a close-knit relationship with God.

When we nurture our relationship with God, the floodgates of heaven are opened, and no force on Earth can stop it! People around us will be stumped, not by how we’re getting blessed, but by how our blessings are flowing over to bless them as well.

Let’s get into a relationship with God and spark that blessed domino effect on the people around us. It is a sure shot way to prove the power of our God!






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