Blessing comes with obedience


Isaiah 1:19: If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land.

In order for us to enjoy the promises of God, it is of paramount importance for us to be obedient to God.  Just because God has promised something, it does not mean that it will get fulfilled just like that.  God wants us to obey Him in everything.

God had promised that He will take the Israelites to the promised land but not everyone could make it there.  Some died in the wilderness, some died due to plaques, some died in earthquake, etc.  All these people had God’s promise upon their life but not all made it.  They were disobedient to God and voted against the leadership of Moses and questioned his authority over them.  They tested God and demanded for food.  They constantly murmured and complained literally about everything.  Had they been obedient and willing, they would all have entered the promised land and enjoyed the benefits of that land.  This is a great reminder of us in our life too.  Just because we worship God or believe in Him or go to church and pay up our tithes, it does not mean that our spiritual life is in check.  God watches our attitude as well as our character too.  If we are found pleasing in His sight, then He will hastily perform all that He has promised that He would.  Does it mean that God says something and does not do it? No, it means that we are getting the promises delayed in our life because of our disobedience.

Let us gear up and start to trust God and believe in Him.  Obey God and do what He wants us to do.  In so doing, we will definitely enjoy His promises and will be blessed in the place where we are placed.