Grow from Glory to Glory!


Ephesians 3:16

That he would grant you , according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his spirit in the inner man.

Glory! Glorious! Glorified! His glorious presence fills the place you are in, the people you live with, the friends you speak to and wave after wave his goodness comes and resounds in a beauty of his glory.

The richness of his glory saturates your very being.

Truly, the Lord we serve and love is much beyond anything in this world. He is not a veil that one needs to be protected from or a shield to run to only when we are in a problem. He is so much beyond all of this. He lives in the midst of everyday situations of our lives. Even when no one stands around you and you stand alone facing the Goliath for the day; be assured that the Lord you serve stands right there beside you taking over your situation in ways we can never understand. At times he lets the Goliath win over us for reasons he knows best and when we have walked through this giant who we dreaded so much in the beginning we know now why it was important to see failure on the face and yet walk out victorious. So, brothers and sisters in Christ do not be dismayed or discouraged when the Goliath enters and pulls you down cause at the very moment you have won and stood a ground of victory. A victorious moment of life  where the Lord has only allowed our bodies and minds to be washed with purity of his love and the understanding of the journey where the babe like adult knows his spirit is born again and that it’s time to wean away from fleshly desires and walk with the spirit of the Lord strengthened in his might and grace.

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  1. Geetha s s
    02 Sep 2018 10:07:25 Reply

    Amen Lord is over Strength and refugee … Lord will never leave us nor forsake us 😊Glory to JESUS 🙏

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